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How we educate?

The Indiana Prescribed Fire Council is group of prescribed fire practitioners dedicated to promoting the safe and effective use of prescribed fire in Indiana. Below you will find prescribed fire educational information and training opportunities available from the INPFC and other organizations.

About Us

The mission of the Indiana Prescribed Fire Council is to promote the safe use of prescribed fire in the management of Indiana’s diverse ecological systems.

What is prescribed fire?

Prescibed fire is a fire that is planned and conducting in a controllable manner to achieve a particular management objective. Prescibed fires are often called ‘controlled burns’ and are set under pre-determined weather conditions to ensure they are conducted safely and meet the management objectives.

Why we burn?

Oaks, bees, butterflies, birds, and wildflowers; these are just a few of the many plants and animals that benefit from prescribed fire.

Prescribed fires are used to restore natural plant communities, improve forest health, enhance habitat for wildlife, control invasive plants, and many other reasons.

When asked why they use prescribed fire, Indiana prescribed fire professionals listed the following as important reasons:

  • Increase wildflowers and oak regeneration
  • Manage fire-dependent plants and ecosystems
  • Improve habitat for wildlife
  • Reduce woody plants in grasslands

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